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Limmud Jerusalem

Limmud Jerusalem is a rich and diverse celebration of Jewish culture and of Jerusalem. It is a festival of experiential learning and interpersonal encounter which seeks to manifest the plurality and diversity ingrained in both Judaism and Jerusalemite society. Come join us in this journey toward creating a lively, creative, learning, and renewing community which adds another layer to the building of Jerusalem. Come be excited anew in the world's most surprising city, participate in discussions, text studies, tours, workshops, lectures, and more where there is room for anyone willing to learn and to teach, to observe and to listen. Come think anew about ourselves, about Judaism and about Jerusalem. Come join us at Limmud Jerusalem!

About Limmud

Limmud Jerusalem is part of the Limmud International, a grassroots phenomenon run by volunteers and based on the values of giving, learning, diversity, participation, and respect. Limmud is not affiliated with any denomination nor political party. The first Limmud took place in the UK in 1980. Over the past three decades, Limmud operates in over 80 places worldwide (including 8 in Israel) and attracts thousands of new people annually.

We believe that Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish people and of Jewish cultural and spiritual renewal, has much to give to Limmud and to gain from it. In Jerusalem one may find many spaces for discussion, learning, and culture, but one hardly finds places where people of different populations meet to study together and to learn from each other. Limmud Jerusalem aspires to be such a place. We believe that Limmud Jerusalem answers a need unaddressed by the existing institutions in the cultural and Jewish renewal Jerusalemite scene: Limmud Jerusalem addresses diverse audiences (in terms of age groups, Jewish beliefs and lifestyles, ethnic origins); it allows participants to offer sessions and become teachers in addition to being students; it offers a holistic, prolonged, and intensive encounter, in which interpersonal interaction in social spaces is an important part of the experience; it encompasses diverse presentation techniques which address different learning styles; and it brings together participants and presenters from various organizations.

In Limmud we believe that everyone should be a student and that anyone can be a teacher. During the event, many sessions take place at each time slot, and participants are required to choose and shape their own particular Limmud experience.

Limmud is for all ages, and of course caters to families as well. We will have Child Care, Young Limmud, and Teen Limmud, in parallel to the main program. Let's make it a family fest!

Booths at the Limmud JLM 2015 Fair

Limmud participants will enjoy a fair with a variety of stands. Those interested in displaying/selling art, books, Judaica etc. should fill out the form here until August 20, 2015.

Takeaway for Shabbat!

To allow you to enjoy Limmud on Friday without worrying about preparing for Shabbat, we are offering the option to order discounted take away food from Taamei Rachel (Kosher Mehadrin) and collect it Friday afternoon at Limmud. Please view the menu here, and call Moshe (050-5456552) or Ilana (050-2015009) to place the order, by Tuesday Aug. 25.

Please ask for the 10% Limmud discount. Food will be distributed on Friday from 2-4PM.

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